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please note the tendence of ice to move in accordance with Corioli effect

Esp in the 3. with movements along the east part of Greenland and of Newfoundland.

Until the ice mass is low the flow will grow into the limits of the coasts of Greenland and Newfoundland where we find the corresponding submerged moraines. (yellow points)


Along Greenland coast we can see pieces of "red" ice floating south-west. 

This is old ice. Not formed last year but 2 or tree years before. This is the reason of his thickness. 

This south movement is requiring a balanced quantity movement of warm water entering to the center of Northpole under the the existing thin ice.

If cold is growing this quantity is growing. But there is plenty of room for a movement of this kind to grow! 

In the Greenland see we have a big channel able to support this process with every quantity of water. 

But where does so much Ice come from? We do not know about big quantities of snow falling on arctic.

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