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What if it did happen

What if it did happen

The contemplation of a landscape leaves us open-mouthed, but not for long. After a short
time we can not understand the appeal of this game of mountains, valleys, plains and hills.
The mind is crowded and tends to compose itself, to escape, sometimes using labels with
the names of some of the immensity that lies ahead of it. But in so doing loses contact with
the flow of time. I tried to help it make sense of it all. By identifying the remains in the
sights of ice flows, the mind in this way begins to enjoy a communion with the past. It 's
like being immersed in the life of the earth, is like seeing ahead summarized in every place
and in every moment the vital flow of our planet. And a panorama does not need to be
labeled. We are too small in front of the immensity of these flows. But, you say yourself,
"But how did I, so far, do not see anything?"
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