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in this films we can appreciate the tendence of ice to move in accordance with Corioli effect

Esp in the 3. with movements along the east part of Greenland and of Newfoundland


Thickness of arctic ice and my evolution spiral due to the Corioli impact on the position of ice


In this picture is possible to see that red ice is assembling north-east of Greenland. This is because, soon after start, is finding the Greenland barrier.


This generates a flow down along the east coast of Greenland, the rest of the ice is assembling, slowing rotating, against the north costs of Greenland and in this way becoming thicker.


Only a small part of it is able to flow out through the channels west of Greenland. 


We can note a rest of it in the Beaufort Sea following the light blue spiral and trying to win "warm" water to complete, along it, the way out from Arctic Ocean. 

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